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2 Units 4 Axle Dump Trailers Exported to Ghana

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Ghana customer ordered 2 units 4 axle dump semi trailers from SUNSKY in July. The customer saw our video on social media, thought it was great, and then he found the contact information of our sales manager and called directly. The customer was also straightforward, saying he needed two dump trailers for his mine. This client is really rich. Our sales manager also likes such simple and direct customers very much, and they have a very pleasant chat. Within a week, they have almost determined the product and corresponding configuration they want. Then we also showed him good feedback from other African clients who trusted us.

Due to the sharp increase in demand from dump semitrailers in recent years, many new customers are faced with many different manufacturers, brands, configurations and product specifications than the sales staff before purchasing a unloading semitrailer. It is necessary to explain this point here,take this as a reference for everyone in the purchase of truck semi-trailer.

tipper trailer

1. Feature

SUNSKY 4 axle dump semitrailer stands out for its excellent driving performance. The tilting semi-trailer has a low center of gravity and a rigid and torsion-resistant frame structure, which can be safely driven on the road.

4 dumping semi trailer is suitable for loading stone, sand, coal, carbon, white ash, iron powder, water slag, raw ash, clay, clinker, asphalt, grain and so on. The minimum weight of the standard model is 6.5T. The length is 8.5 to 13 meters and it can carry 30 to 120 tons.

In civil engineering, it is often used with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other engineering machinery. The dumper trailer has side dump and rear dump, which improves the efficiency of the loader to transport bulk cargo. Detailed description of the rear dump trailers and side dump trailers.

dumper trailer

2. The body

To allow for capacity, all body and doors are supported by vertical steel U-shaped dump truck trailer profiles. Side doors can be fixed or movable. The rear door is connected from the top and has an automatic locking type and/or hydraulic tail door. Supported by a support profile.

3. Hydraulic installation

The main body is raised from the front by retractable cylinders. Hydraulic power is provided by transferring energy from the PTO to the pump. The PTO is controlled by the cab. The tank has a capacity of 70 litres. Tanks have 125" suction strainers and 25" return strainers with ventilation, level indicator, special valves and release faucets. All piping used in the installation was DIN compliant.

Chassis and axles, brakes and electrical devices are manufactured according to specified specifications. The hydraulic system and fuel pump are driven by the PTO. The mechanical legs run in parallel, double speed telescopic, static load of 50 tons - dynamic load of 25 tons.

The processing technology of the vehicle must be passed.

However, with the popularization of mechanical automation, many factories have realized basic automation in the cutting, welding and other processes of vehicle processing. There have been great improvements in manufacturing techniques in general.

dump semitrailer

4. The real deal

Seemingly the same steel, in fact, divided into high strength steel, manganese steel, ordinary carbon steel. Among them, high strength is divided into 700, 900, 980 and other models. Its durability gradually increases with the addition of the label. The weight of the airframe could be reduced over time, but the cost would also increase.

After the customer receives his dump trailers, he will give you his feedback. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. SUNSKY VEHICLE has always been on the road of quality assurance.

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