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Xiamen Sunsky Vehicle Co.,Ltd has mature technology, rich experience, strong business capacity, broad market development, one year of free after-sales service.We specialize in exporting semi trailers more than 30 years.


SUNSKY VEHICLE has two manufacturers which occupy close to 300 thousands square meters and own 90 thousands square meters of workshop and office. They had passed the certificate of “ISO9001” and “CCC”. Their annual production reaches 15000 units per year.

SUNSKY VEHICLE markets cover many countries:Southeast Asia: Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, 

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria,

Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

More and more national markets are being developed.

We look at the world

Our special vehicles and spare parts had been exported to Africa,Australia, Middle East, south Asian,Russia,South America and so on. Also we had established long-term and stable business relationship with the agents and customers all over the world. Our brand "JUPITER" "Sunsky" special Vehicles get a good reputation from our customers due to the good quality and service. We had achieved the consistent developing between the economic profit and social profit.


We answer the customer's questions

Q: How can I place the order and import the semi-trailer?

A: It is easy and safe to purchase the semi-trailers from SUNSKY. There are five steps as below:

1. Confirm the specification of the semi-trailer, delivery time, packing idea, price, quantity with us firstly, then we will issue the proforma invoice/sales contract to you.

2. Present the proforma invoice/sales contract to your local bank and ask the bank to transfer the deposit to the account of our company. 

3. We start produce the semi-trailers according to the specification we confirmed, then we will send you all the detail photos of the semi-trailer when it is finished. 

4. After you check the semi-trailer, you tell the bank to pay the balance of the order.

5. We ship trailer to you after get all the payment, and send you all of the necessary documents including bill of lading. 


Q: Who should afford the custom duty? How much will it cost?

A: Our price is not including the custom duty and other fees like taxes, brokerages etc.

Those fees are about 17% of the CIF PRICE totally. We can recommend the broker to help you to custom clearance if you have demand after you confirmed the order with us.


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: It depends on the quantity and model of the semi-trailers you want to purchase. In generally, it takes 20days to produce 2-10units flatbed trailer, skeleton trailer and drop side trailer.It takes 30 days to produce 2-10 units of the fuel tanker trailer, bulk cement semi-trailers, low bed trailer and tipper trailer. 


Q: What is the warranty term of the semi-trailer?

A: SUNSKY semi trailers are durable and suitable for different road in different country, the span life of our semi-trailer can last more than 15 years. Our warranty term is below: 

1. We have one year free warranty, during the warranty term,if the engine, transmission, steering broken down, we will dispatch the technicians to change those spare parts free of charge.

2. If out of the warranty terms,we can supply the spare parts to you in cost price if the spare parts have problems, you can also buy the spare parts locally.

3. We can also ask our local dealer to cooperate with you about the problems of maintenance.


Q: How can I get my trailers after payment ? 

A: We have do trailer business more than 30 years, we always advice our clients to pick the trailers themselves. After they pick the satisfied trailers then pay the money and we will arrange the shipment. But some clients may too far away from China or busy in their business and cannot come to China to pick the trailers. They will ask us to help them pick the trailers and take the photos and videos to them. After their confirmation, we deliver the trailers to them.

SUNSKY Service


Technical support

SUNSKY VEHICLE has professional engineers with knowledge of trailers and construction machinery. We have extensive experience and can solve all problems about the trailers. 


Foreign repair places and workshops

SUNSKY VEHICLE has repair sites and workshops in some countries for our customers. There are various maintenance tools and spare parts.We can provide customers with fast and satisfactory service.



SUNSKY VEHICLE works with world-renowned transportation companies and freight forwarders who have experience in transportation and can safely deliver products to destination ports on time.

SUNSKY VEHICLE —— Make best quality, Create top value