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Side Dump Semi-trailer And Rear Dump Semi-trailer

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With the national development of infrastructure in recent years, high-speed, railway, airport and other transportation facilities in various regions, the demand for building materials is growing day by day, and it directly drives the demand for related transport vehicles. In addition, the effect of overcontrol is remarkable throughout the country, which undoubtedly promotes the proliferation of standard sand dump trucks everywhere.

rear dump truck

rear dump truck

The current standard dump semi-trailer in addition to the side dump semi-trailer and the rear dump semi-trailer this compliance model.

Standard rear dump semi-trailer, in fact, is the only compliant rear dump model, it does not face the disadvantages of being checked and modified like flat rear dump, nor does it have limited requirements on the unloading site like standard car roll-over, so it will be easier to drive this kind of trailer.

In addition, the overall length of this type of trailer box is generally between 8-10 meters, the maximum width of the outer diameter can be 2.55 meters, the width of the inner diameter is 2.45 meters, and the height of the box is only 0.6 meters, so the maximum effective volume in the box is only 14.7 square meters. According to the specific gravity of sand and stone material of 1.6 tons/cubic meters, the plain packing can pull less than 24 tons of goods. For raising "100 tons of king" owners, this model of the load is indeed small, for this many owners in order to ship more, take risk to be punished to modify the carriage will be higher or the bottom of the car made horizontal, in this also advised such owners or law-abiding, compliance with the operation of it.

rear dump semi-trailer

rear dump semi-trailer

Actually small loading also have advantages and disadvantages, first of all to the tractor horsepower requirements is relatively small, the small horsepower also means that the same brand of trailer will reduce the cost, later use fuel consumption will be lower than muscle, gently pull run, unloading safety, transport efficiency also will improve, the most important thing is don't have to worry about by retrofit, worry, save trouble, save money.

With the dump semi-trailer to pull sand and stone, the initial investment is larger, and the later gradually makes up for it from the use cost, and the residual value rate of the last used dump truck is relatively high. It seems that there is a reason for existence, whether it is pride or embarrassment, take it as it comes.

used dump truck

used dump truck

Actually looking at the half hanging dump trucks, is in the overall development trend of lightweight, began to notice from vehicle source specification, high in length, width, and other related production under the limitation of size, it will get better security, to treat the super believe that as long as the transportation industry are in a fair competition environment, freight will certainly get a reasonable adjustment.

dump truck

Different from the standard rear-dump semi-trailer, the roll-dump semi-trailer has the function of roll-dump, so it puts forward high requirements for the safety of the vehicle.

The side dump semi-trailer has the characteristics of large load capacity of the flatbed semi-trailer, and the side dump semi-trailer has become the model with the largest loading capacity within the scope of the regulations, and it is not necessary to transport sand, stones, minerals, etc.

side dump semi-trailer

side dump semi-trailer

Compared with the drop side flatbed trailer, the side dump truck has slightly increased its weight, but it can also meet its transportation requirements. After increasing the dumping function, the transportation of bulk materials such as sand and stone will be more convenient.

Compared with the fence semi trailer, the side dump truck is actually a quite technical content of the product, the quality of the product is directly related to the truck owners loading and unloading and personal safety. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of trailer only become apparent in the actual use process.


At present, the roll-over dump semi trailer on the market when loading goods appear overturned beam cracking, sub-frame cracking, and even suspension cracking, why is it so easy to crack? I think there are three main reasons.

One is the fixed thinking of many trailer factories.

In fact, in addition to considering the load bearing of the trailer, the upper side dump semi-trailer should also consider the dump function, such as the selection of the cylinder, the force of the sub-frame and the suspension when lifting.

At present, most of the trailer factories in the industry directly apply the technology of the ordinary fence trailer in the design, there are many hidden dangers in the design.SUNSKY dump truck has made many innovative designs and improvements for the characteristics of the side dump semitrailer in terms of technology. We have made the "most resistant to manufacture" side dump truck.

drop side dump trailer

Second is the welding process is not good.

When rollover, most of the weight of the goods are borne by the inclined brace, so the firmness of the inclined brace is very important. Once the inclined brace goes wrong, it is easy to cause a rollover accident, so the reinforcement of the inclined brace is very important.

At present, many large factories in China have not mainly pushed this model, and they are basically small factories that do much, and the products are more complex, and the welding process and quality level are not homogeneous. To reduce weight and low price blindly, choose non standard steel, cheap and low quality fittings, many products are even "roadside stall" of small workshop production, quality cannot be assured.


Third is improper consideration of the force.

The side dump hydraulic roof support bears a large part of the weight of the goods when lifting, and the firmness of the support is very important. Special attention should be paid to the stress of the sub-frame, frame and other different parts when lifting.

For example, the suspension reinforcement plate cracking, because the trailer suspension reinforcement plate variable section at the change of the arc Angle is small, the stress is too concentrated, at the same time, because there are weight reduction holes nearby, greatly reducing the strength of the plate at the section of the reinforcement plate, making the section of the fracture, when the vehicle after complex road conditions here torsion, web crack.

Many cracking problems of side dump trucks are because they do not take into account the different degrees of force, which is really a test of the technical strength of the trailer factory.

dump trailer

SUNSKY's dump semi-trailers will undergo strict quality inspection when they leave the factory, which can greatly avoid the above problems, so you can rest assured to choose us.

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