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Interlink Semi Trailer

An Interlink semi-trailer is a multi-section semi-trailer, usually consisting of two or more trailers. They are joined together to form a whole by means of special joining devices. This design allows the Interlink semi-trailer to have a greater carrying capacity and transport efficiency. 
Interlink semi-trailers are commonly used in the long-distance cargo transport and logistics industries. Its key features include: 

High load capacity: By connecting multiple trailers, Interlink semi-trailers can carry more cargo, improving transportation efficiency. 
Flexibility: The number and type of trailers of Interlink semi-trailers can be adjusted and combined as needed. They can be the same type of trailer or different types of trailers to adapt to the transportation needs of different goods.
Cost savings: Since the Interlink semi-trailer can transport more goods at one time, it can reduce the number of transports and fuel consumption compared to a single semi-trailer, thus reducing transportation costs. 
High efficiency: The design of the Interlink semi-trailer allows goods to be transferred between different trailers, enabling rapid loading and unloading and distribution operations, improving the efficiency of logistics operations.
Safety: Interlink semi-trailers are usually equipped with safety devices such as anti-roll devices and braking systems to ensure safe driving on the road and stability of goods.


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