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40000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer Export to Mozambique Africa

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One of the powerful fuel transport company in Mozambique inquiry on fuel tanker trailers on the middle of 2020 year. After talking with them, we know that they aim to expand to their fleets on fuel transportation business on 2021 year and plan to order a patch of fuel tanker trailers.

They told us ever order many new and used fuel tanker trailers from South Africa before, but the cost is too high and hard to afford in competitive transportation market. The profit is very low, so they are looking for a breakthrough on the Chinese fuel tanker trailers.

Here are some problems the client caring and you may also face to when you order the fuel tanker trailers:

How to Choose Fuel Tanker Trailer Material?

The client told us they want to use the fuel tanker trailers in Mozambique and Malawi. According to our professional experience, we recommend the carbon steel fuel tanker trailer to the client. Because in their countries, they do not have special requirement in the tare weight and the road condition is bad and rough in Mozambique and Malawi road. The carbon steel fuel tanker trailers can reduce the overturn accident and suitable used in bad road condition.

If you are want a light weight fuel tanker trailer and the road condition in your countries is good, we will more recommend you the aluminum tanker trailer.

How much fuel does a road fuel tanker trailer hold? 

Normally, the fuel tanker trailer can carry fuel from 30000 liters to 50000 liters according to different design. The Mozambique client choose the fuel tanker trailer on 40000 liters capacity because it is they use before.  And the 40000 liters capacity fuel tanker trailer also very popular used in many other countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe etc.

How to choose the compartments number of fuel tanker trailers? 

The compartments number can be designed from 1 to 10 according the requirements. The Mozambique client wants to deliver the fuel to three different gas stations, and they choose the 3 compartments on the fuel tanker trailers.

If you buy a new fuel tanker trailer, each compartment can be design in different capacity and can be used to carry different liquid cargo like petrol, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel etc.

Normally the compartments of used fuel tanker trailers are fixed and cannot be custom-built. If you have special requirements on the compartment number of fuel tanker trailers, it is better for you to order the new fuel tanker trailer.

How much does a fuel tanker trailer cost?

For the price of 40000 liters fuel tanker trailer the Mozambique client inquiry is CIF BEIRA USD 23500.  After the client received the quotation, they are very satisfied on the price and specification and make the order decision on 20 unit fuel tanker trailers soon.

According to different specification and requirements from client, the price will also be different.

Normally, a brand new fuel tanker trailer cost is between USD 16500 to USD 45000 if imported from China. (The price included the carbon steel fuel tanker trailer and aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer)

Whats the payment if I order the fuel tanker trailer?

 The client asked about the payment method. After discussion with them, we finally get an agreement on the payment is 30% as deposit and 70% balanced paid before shipment.

Normally we accept payment is T/T copy or cash. For other payment we can accept is L/C at sight.

How can we ensure the quality of fuel tanker trailers?

The Mozambique client put forward their consideration on the quality because we are first time to cooperate and they never imported from China before.

On the fuel tanker trailer body, we use is high tensile carbon steel Q345B, we produce the fuel tanker trailers in a thickness from 5mm to 6mm.And we welding the fuel tanker trailer body by specialized equipment, they all ensure the transportation safety Maximally.

On the fuel tanker trailer driving system, we use famous axle brand Fuwa and BPW brand. On the brake system, we use Wabco brand. On the tires we use famous tri-angle brand and linglong brand which ensure the driving performance and safety of the fuel tanker trailer. The maintain cost also can be reduced because the use of famous brand spare parts.

On the warranty terms, we supply two year free warranty on the fuel tanker trailer, If the client have any problems no matter during or beyond the warranty period, we will provide you best services and technical support at any time.

What is the leading time if importing the fuel tanker trailer from China?

The client inquiry about the leading time of importing the fuel tanker trailers from China.

Normally, if you imported the fuel tanker trailers from China, there are do not have any fuel tanker trailers in stocks. The fuel tanker trailer factories will produce the fuel tanker trailers according to the order.

The production of fuel tanker trailers is about 25 working days to 50 working days based on different order quantities.

The delivery time from China port to the Destination port in Africa (Beira port as example), it will cost about 40 days for shipment.

According to our experience, if imported the fuel tanker trailers from China, we recommend the client to arrange the order two month in advance before they want the fuel tanker trailers start for business.

After 45 days production, the fuel tanker trailers already finished production. They already be shipped from Qingdao port to Beira port on Sep.25th. The client will received the fuel tanker trailers on the early of November.

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