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3 Axles Jet Gas Aluminum Tanker Trailer

SUNSKY trailer is focus on semi trailers,tank trailers,flatbed trailers,dump trailers with 30 years experience.2,3,4 axles with different capacity and deadweight.Customizable.


Aluminum tank truck is suitable for transporting edible oil, crude oil and other food. The capacity of the 3 axles Jet Gas Aluminum tanker trailer produced by our company is between 30000 liters and 50000 liters, and the capacity of the tanker transport semi-trailer can be customized. Compartments have two, three, four, or more compartments to hold different liquids. We use advanced welding equipment to produce aluminum tank trucks, the most durable oil tankers are resistant to distortion, earthquake and impact. This tanker design is especially suitable for the African market. We have exported to Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other countries.



3 axles jet gas tanker trailer Aluminum Tanker Trailer gas tanker truck

3 axles aluminum tanker trailer



The thickness of shell& dish: 5mm/ Aluminum alloy

Compartment: 3 to 8

Dimension(L*W*H)mm: 11500*2500*3700

Payload(kg): 40000

Tare weight(kg): 7200

Kingpin: JOST 2” bolt-in

Landing gear: JOST 19” C200T

Tire size: 12R22.5 (13sets)

Rim size: 9.00*22.5 (13sets)

Axle: Fuwa brand-13ton or Bpw Brand

Leafs spring: Airbag suspension(Spring suspension optional)

Brake system: Dual line with WABCO brand Re-6 emergency relay valve, MBA brand T30/30 air chamber, 46L air tank

Manhole: Europe Standard C801A-560Φ500

Discharge and bottom valve: Pneumatic 3”

Bottom loading: With Vapor Recovery & Anti-Overfill system

Painting: Optional



1.Safety guarantee: The safety device of the oil tanker is equipped with manholes with large explosion-proof cover, and the bottom outlet of the storage tank is equipped with emergency cut-off valve. In case of danger, the transporter can cut off the valve at the first time. The tank is welded automatically by advanced large special welding machine

2. Exquisite workmanship: The tanker body is longitudinally welded, and the wave plate can reduce the pressure of liquid on the tanker, thus ensuring the tanker's safety and extending its service life.

3. Product test: The water tank will be test filled with water before leaving the factory to ensure the tank is highly sealed and avoid oil leakage.

4. Beautiful appearance: advanced coating system and polyurethane coating to protect the tank, the use time can reach more than 5 years.

5. Rich experience: More than 30 years of experience in trailer and truck industry, exported to more than 30 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

6. Quality assurance: Chassis frame has two years free warranty, axle, suspension, etc. 3-6 months free warranty. Spare parts support service.

7. Accept customized: Able to customize the design according to your requirements, ensuring compliance with your local road rules.


If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.

Xiamen Sunsky Vehicle Co.,Ltd has mature technology, rich experience, strong business capacity, broad market development, one year of free after-sales service.We specialize in exporting semi trailers more than 30 years.