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What's Drawbar Trailer

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Drawbar flat trailer generally uses inflatable solid tire, low surface height, large load. There is no danger of tire breakage or puncture. Safe, simple and durable. It has no power of its own and needs a tractor or forklift to tow it. Usually one or more flat trailers and a forklift or tractor form a train to carry goods flat or move large equipment. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses. Greatly improve the efficiency of goods transfer and translation. Reduce the cost of forklift and manpower.

The drawbar trailer is generally composed of frame, body, traction device, steering device, suspension, walking system, braking system, signal system and so on. The frame is mainly composed of main beam, beam, supporting beam and side beam. The upper wing surfaces of the straight beam rail are straight. Its advantages lie in the flat bottom of the trailer cargo platform, simple manufacturing process, generally higher clearance from the ground, good longitudinal passage.

Rail-plate compartment is generally made of thin steel plate, the longitudinal concave edge plate is stamped on the rail-plate of the compartment, and the transverse rib is welded to increase the rigidity of the compartment and reduce the quality of the compartment;

The floor of the carriage is generally made of wood and covered with thin steel plates, or the floor of mixed iron and wood structure.

The frame is usually made of 16Mn steel plate, which is pressed into profile and welded or welded with willow. The longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame are mostly grooved interface structure, and the two longitudinal beams are equally wide before and after, so that the frame has better bending resistance.

drawbar trailer

Classification of drawbar trailer:

Flatbed drawbar trailer - drawbar trailer with flat floor structure and no pallet at the loading part.

Container drawbar trailer - a drawbar trailer with a frame structure and no floor for carrying cargo, specially for transporting containerized compartments.

Dump drawbar trailer - drawbar trailer with automatic tipping device for loading part.

Tank drawbar trailer - drawbar trailer with closed tank structure for loading parts.

The difference between drawbar trailer and semi trailer:

Unlike a semi-trailer, a semi-trailer is a trailer where the axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and equipped with coupling devices that transfer horizontal or vertical force to the tractor! The general trailer has two shafts, and the semi-trailer has one shaft. Semi-trailer refers to a vehicle that has no power itself and carries the load jointly with the main vehicle and relies on the main vehicle to drive.

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Drawbar trailer uses:

The drawbar trailer is a kind of trailer used early in the development of the trailer, which has simple structure, convenient connection and widely used. Drawbar trailer for the general drawbar trailer, with carriage railplate drawbar trailer, can transport all kinds of goods, such as coal, sand, grain, cotton, fertilizer, daily provisions, wood, steel, cement and so on. The whole trailer has dump truck, van, tank truck, chassis trailer, refrigerated insulation trailer, powder bulk trailer, livestock and poultry trailer, etc. Can separately transport different kinds of goods, such as powder, perishable fragile, liquid, poultry, livestock, etc.

Related products were also used in China in the 1980s and 1990s

It is not difficult to find that in fact, the advantages of the drawbar trailer are quite obvious. In China, in the 1980s and 1990s, due to the comprehensive influence of technology and road conditions and other aspects, the full trailer models began to be widely used.

In the late seventy s, due to the problems left over by history, domestic truck manufacturing co., LTD., large-tonnage tractor cannot get breakthrough, when the semi products on the bearing capacity of existing and drawbar trailer matched, and in the flexible degree is the dominant, in the case of little capacity to remove trailer, act as tractive tractor truck can pull all the same.

On the other hand, the manufacturing cost of the drawbar trailer is not particularly high, so this performance just meets the transportation needs of the underdeveloped logistics industry in that era.

See here certainly some people will ask: now our infrastructure capacity has also improved, the road is more and more wide, more and more easy to go, the major brands have mushroomed like constantly launched high-horsepower tractor products, according to the truth of the drawbar trailer should be more right, why did not see a few now on the road?

The typical drawbar trailer is generally composed of frame, coat, traction rod (frame) with steering device, suspension, wheels, braking system and other parts, the load of the trailer is borne by itself, the role of the main trailer is only to provide power to achieve traction and steering of the trailer.

drawbar trailer

So we believe that power is not the reason to hinder the drawbar trailer can not adapt to society, at least not the main factor, really lead to the drawbar trailer in our country to find traces of the main reasons are the following:

1. high difficulty of operation, not the old driver is not competent.  

We said in front of the drawbar trailer because of structural reasons, the front end is generally with steering mechanism, which means that the tracking of the drawbar trailer in use is not as good as the semi-trailer, in case of reversing is extremely test the driver's operation technology and psychological quality.

The original operation of the semi-trailer, we only need to take the tractor as the steering wheel, a little practice can get started. If the drawbar trailer, when going straight should not be a problem, but if the face of reversing, the drawbar trailer two independent steering system is often a mess, it is easy to lock themselves.

2. the braking distance is unstable, and the safety hazard is large.

The drawbar trailer not only needs to test the driver's driving skills when reversing, but also needs to step on the brake and how much is also very important, because the drawbar trailer is connected with the main vehicle through the traction rod (frame), and there will be a large gap in the middle (depending on the length of the traction rod), and it will be weaker than the ordinary semi-trailer in terms of synergy.

If rain and snow weather or the need to turn, if you can not step on the brake stably, the trailer part can easily appear the phenomenon of tail rejection, and then cause the occurrence of accidents.

3. the transport capacity is not obvious, the latecomer.

As mentioned before, the development of full trailer in China in the 1980s and 1990s is because our transportation demand at that time is not particularly obvious, and the production technology is limited, so the drawbar trailer has been widely developed.

But with the success of the reform and opening up, all domestic industries have stepped up to a new level. In terms of horsepower, high-horsepower tractor products emerge in endlessly, constantly setting new records. In terms of transport capacity, the semi-trailer coming behind has stronger adaptability in the face of China's complex and changeable terrain. As time passes, the whole trailer will be strangled by the neck.

4. a paper banned, declared "dead".

In 1995, the Expressway Traffic Management Measures for the first time stipulated that all tractors should not enter the expressway. On October 28, 2003, the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China was formally promulgated, which once again clarified that drawbar trailer trailers and other motor vehicles with a designed maximum speed of less than 70 km/h are not allowed to enter the expressway.

Fortunately, the regulations only prohibit the drawbar trailer can not be on the highway, and did not let it directly dead, for a period of time can rely on the mobility and flexibility of plain city mixed life, but with the rise of the semi-trailer market, the drawbar trailer trace is increasingly difficult to find.

drawbar trailer

Can the drawbar trailer go back to its position?

This problem needs dialectical to look at, after all, the advantages of the drawbar trailer is really obvious. As far as I know, the production of drawbar trailer is shrinking in some small enterprises, and its technology is also improving slowly. It is currently limited to use in certain regions and special environments.

For example, in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places in China, there are still a small number of fleets, because the drawbar trailer is convenient to swing and hang, the characteristics of large load, dedicated to use it to engage in coal transport. At risk of overloading, the good news is that they travel on unpaved roads with little traffic, which is more or less a grey area.

Survival of the fittest is the law of nature, but also the basic law of value of market economy. Although the new GB1589-2016 has added a new item of car train, we believes that this cannot make the drawbar trailer stand over, at most, it is to give the middle axle trailer a new opportunity for development. Just as the reasons analyzed in the previous article, the advantages of the drawbar trailer model can only make it stand in a few fields.

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