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SUNSKY Exported An Interlink Trailer to Zambia

interlink flatbed trailer.jpg

Zambia customer ordered an interlink trailer from SUNSKY half year ago,and now he uses it very well.He wants to use Interlink trailer to transport bagged cement and construction material, so he bought Interlink Trailer from SUNSKY.This interlink trailer is composed of a 20ft flatbed trailer and a 40ft flatbed trailer,which can ship twice number of goods than an ordinary flatbed trailer.

superlink trailer

SUNSKY interlink trailer is strictly tested. Since the superlink trailer is long, it is necessary to be careful when turning, so as to avoid failing to turn or hitting the second section of the flat plate.

You can watch the superlink trailer testing video...

interlink trailer

Africa's infrastructure is in full swing, and presumably the transportation of building materials is also a hot spot. SUNSKY provides a variety of semi-trailers, such as dump semi-trailers, which are suitable for transporting sand and stones and can be dumped directly. Fuel tank semi trailer, transport oil, water and other liquid substances, can be divided into warehouses, a variety of liquids can be transported. Cement tank Semi Trailer is more useful, infrastructure is indispensable to the ground is cement, whether powder cement or concrete, can be ordered from SUNSKY, concrete cement transport by concrete truck.

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