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SUNSKY Exported 42000L Fuel Tanker Trailer to Malawi

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An old customer from Malawi approached our boss and bought another 42,000L fuel tanker semi trailer. This customer is one of our long-term cooperation customers, who has trusted our company and our products. He directly told our boss about the demand, and then paid the deposit very readily. Our factory is also working hard to produce the customer's fuel tank trailer. Now it has been delivered and is being transported.

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Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy commonly used on the market, how to choose the most appropriate?

First of all, let's understand the fundamental differences between these three different materials, and what advantages and disadvantages they have respectively.

Carbon steel contains 0.03-2% carbon. There are a lot of customers mistakenly think it is iron, in fact, carbon steel hard and tough, elastic casting and forging, and iron is hard and brittle, casting and forging, the same volume of carbon steel and iron, carbon steel quality is lighter. There is no obvious difference between the two from the surface, because of this, in order to reduce costs, some modification manufacturers will use iron to replace carbon steel tank, which is why the price of different manufacturers is one of the reasons for the difference.

Again speaking of stainless steel , special vehicle manufacturers with stainless steel material is generally divided into 201 and 304, these two models with the naked eye is unable to distinguish, so choose this material before the user must consult clear, if necessary can even be required to indicate on the contract. Type 304 is more resistant to corrosion and high temperature, so it is more expensive than type 201, but it is worth the money.

Finally, talk about the current tanker trailer market on a best-selling profile - 5083 magnesium aluminum alloy. It should be noted that not all retrofitting plants will use this type of profile. Aluminum alloy is also a lot of models, different areas of demand is different. And 5083 magnesium aluminum alloy this kind of aluminum plate is generally used in ships, automobiles, aircraft plate welding parts, pressure vessels that need strict fire prevention, missile components, etc.. It has high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and good weldability. Best of all, it weighs less and costs more.

What kind of paint does carbon steel make for the inner brush of lubricating oil tankers?

Special anticorrosive paint for gear oil tank can be selected.

The coating of gear oil tanker anticorrosive coating has excellent adhesion, flexibility, good abrasion resistance and other physical and mechanical properties. The coating is resistant to heat and humidity, salt spray, corrosion resistance to a variety of media, excellent performance, including alkali, salt, water, seawater, sewage, oil (steam, coal, wood, lubricating oil) and other media, and weak acid.

Carbon steel tankers or aluminum tankers?

aluminum tanker trailer.jpg

At present, the material used in the tanker trailer is mainly carbon steel and aluminum alloy, choose below 10 tons of tank trailer,you can choose carbon steel material, because the volume of the vehicle is generally used for flow refueling, do not need to go on the high speed, it does not need to consider the problem of overweight. And more than 10 tons, especially the first four and eight tanker trailers, usually choose aluminum alloy material is the best, its weight will be less than the use of carbon steel tank 2.5 tons, of course, will increase the cost of 60-70 thousand. Carbon steel tankers finally need to anti-rust and paint treatment, and aluminum alloy tankers need not paint again, natural color.

aluminum tanker.jpg

Finally, aluminum alloy tanks can be recycled and reused, the recovery price is also quite high, and carbon steel tanks can only be treated as scrap iron.

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