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High Fence Trailer Export to Mali

high fence trailer.jpg

Design drawing for client according to the transportation demand

One of the transport companies in Mali is looking for some high fence trailer recently for their transportation demand on kinds of bulk cargo. They want a strong and big capacity trailer which can be high profitable for their business. According to their requirements, SUNSKY VEHICLE designs the trailer on non-removable fence with 1800mm height which can carry more loads on one travel and strong enough for different kinds of transportation demand.

Here is the drawing for reference:

Drawing for 15meter fence trailer.jpg

The high fence trailer is on a dimension of 15000*2700*3400mm,which is longer and wider than normal trailer, and we install 4 axle on the trailer, the 4 axle trailer can have bigger payload and meet the transportation regulation on West Africa market.

High fence cargo trailer in production

 When the Mali customer sees the drawing of the high fence trailer, he is very satisfied on it and paid the deposit soon. According to the order, SUNSKY Vehicle arrange the production on first timing.

fence trailer.jpg flat trailer.jpg

After 30 days production, the high fence cargo trailer finished production, SUNSKY vehicle arrange the shipment to Dakar port on first timing which can save time for client.

warehouse trailer.jpg  

High fence cargo trailer deliver to the LIANYUNGANG port and ready for shipment

 According to the dimension of trailer, we choose the bulk ship shipment method to our client, which is cheap and efficient. Consider to the cargo safety problem on long time sea shipment, SUNSKY VEHICLE will supply the free Marine insurance for all clients.

After one day inland transportation, the fence trailer arrived at the port and load into the vessel which will arrive to Dakar port, Senegal soon.

fence trailer export.jpg

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