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Fuel Tanker Trailers Transportation Safety Precautions

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With the steady development of the national economy, the demand for oil from all walks of industry is increasing, which makes the transportation of refined oil become more and more routine, and the fuel tanker truck is also more intensive. At the same time, the safety problems in the transportation of refined oil are becoming more and more prominent, and the safety of refined oil transportation is urgent.

I. How should we eliminate the fuel tank trailer truck transportation security risks?

3 axle 40 CBM fuel tank trailer

3 axle 40 CBM fuel tank trailer

1. Explosion-proof camera is installed on the fuel tank truck

It is necessary to monitor the fuel tanker truck transporting refined oil. The fuel tank truck is equipped with explosion-proof camera and connected with the alarm system. Once an accident occurs, the driver can immediately sound the alarm and call the police. Deal with it in time to minimize the damage.

Fuel tanker professional car explosion-proof camera installed on the trailer tail or oil outlet or head, after can see the entire tanker truck condition.It can be found in a timely manner that the tanker is smoking or leaking oil.You can also see the wide Angle through the on-board explosion-proof camera lens when reversing, and assist reversing, without touching other obstacles that scratch the body,can reduce the occurrence of oil truck accidents from the root above. The tank trailer truck is the most prone to accidents when traveling at night, so the explosion-proof camera installed on the trailer must have a good night vision function, and it can also see the road condition after the trailer in the dark.

When installing on-board explosion-proof cameras for oil tanker trailers, corresponding explosion-proof isolation measures should be taken for cable laying because of the flammable and explosive oil and gas substances in the field environment. Through the real-time monitoring of the fuel tanker trailer, in the accident signs or has occurred when the accident, timely response, keep accidents to a minimum.

40000 Liters Oil Tanker Trailer

40000 Liters Oil Tanker Trailer

2. The fuel tanker truck driver should pay attention to safety issues.

In addition to the installation of explosion-proof monitoring system, in order to effectively avoid tanker truck accidents, tanker truck drivers also need to pay attention to the following problems in the process of transporting refined oil products.

(1) Fatigue driving is strictly prohibited

Driving a fuel tanker truck in hot weather in summer or in an overheated environment in the driving room, the temperature is high and the air circulation is poor, the driver is easy to fatigue.Drivers may feel mental fatigue, vision gradually become blurred, thinking becomes dull, especially in the afternoon or midnight driving very easy to fall asleep, and even drivers instantly lose memory phenomenon, forced driving will lead to traffic accidents.At the same time, driving on the highway, the road environment is single, traffic interference is less, the speed is stable, the noise in the driving and the vibration frequency is small, easy to make the driver produce monotonous feeling and drowsiness, appear "highway hypnosis"phenomenon.

(2) Pay attention to electrostatic accumulation

The amount of oil in the oil tank should be appropriate: the oil in the oil tank is too little, the shaking space in the transportation is large, and it is easy to produce static electricity.Too much, it is easy to overflow the tank truck with lax sealing of the oil tank mouth, so the filling amount is appropriate at about 85%.In addition, the transportation should be maintained at medium speed to ensure that the oil in the tank is relatively stable, but also to minimize emergency braking. To connect the electrostatic wire, ensure that the electrostatic wire and the ground contact.

fuel tanker truck capacity

fuel tank trailer truck

(3) Keep away from fire

Do not smoke, answer and dial mobile phones when driving the fuel tanker trucks, and stay away from the fire when parking. Do not stop at the edge of the fire, easy to cause an explosion accident.

(4) To avoid the fuel tank engine temperature is too high

In summer, the technical condition of the tank truck should be checked frequently, and the safety parts of the vehicle should be inspected. Driving vehicles in hot summer weather, should always pay attention to the change of water temperature meter, generally not more than 95℃, especially when the vehicle is loaded or driving on the mountain road, but also pay attention to prevent engine overheating.If the temperature is too high, it is necessary to choose a cool place to stop in time to cool down, and the engine cover can be lifted for ventilation and heat dissipation. After the temperature is lowered, check whether the engine cooling system is short of water and the cause of high temperature.

Coolant boiling due to engine overheating or lack of water,do not immediately shut down the engine, should stop the engine idle operation, after the temperature is reduced, shut down the engine, and then open the radiator cover with cotton gauze or gloves, to prevent boiling cooling water scald hands and face.

(5) Pay attention to tire temperature when driving a fuel tanker truck

Summer driving should not be too long, should be every two hours or after a journey, the appropriate parking rest at the same time check the tire temperature.When the tire pressure is found rise due to overheating, should try to park the diesel oil truck in the shade or shade, let the tire natural cooling, pressure, can not be used to deflate or splashing cold water method to reduce the tire pressure and temperature. In addition, summer driving should try to avoid emergency braking, vehicle overload is strictly prohibited.

fuel truck

42000L 3 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer

When driving, suddenly tire burst is a big hidden danger of summer safety driving. When a flat tire occurs, do not be in panic to the opposite direction of the steering wheel or a quick step on the brake pedal, as far as possible to use the "grab block" method, the use of engine clamp effect (commonly known as engine braking) to slow down the petroleum tanker truck. Have not yet controlled the speed before, do not risk to use of driving brakes to stop, in order to avoid the truck sideways swinging more dangerous situation.

(6) Emergency disposal measures for brake failure of oil tanker truck

In summer driving, it is easy to appear brake pipeline gas obstruction, rupture or brake fluid, gas pressure is insufficient and other reasons, leading to brake failure, failure phenomenon, posing a threat to driving safety.Parking brake can not be used to tighten the joystick, a tightening is easy to "lock" the parking brake disc, damage the transmission parts, loss of braking force.

(7) Emergency measures for steering failure

Summer is easy to cause a variety of vehicle failures, when the steering suddenly lost control, the driver in the tank trailer  truck and the road ahead allows to maintain a straight line driving, not to use emergency braking, should immediately lift the accelerator pedal, grab the block deceleration, uniform and hard pull the parking brake for assistance.When the speed is significantly weakened, gently step the brake pedal, slow and steady stop. When the trailer truck has deviated from the direction of straight driving, the accident has been inevitable, should be decisive and continuous step on the brake pedal, so that the truck as soon as possible to slow down to stop, as far as possible to shorten the parking distance, reduce impact strength.At the same time of taking emergency measures, warning signals can be issued to other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, such as turning on danger alarm lights, turning on headlights, honking horns or gesturing.

Tanker Trailer For Petroleum Transport

Tanker Trailer For Petroleum Transport

(8) You need to be more careful when driving a fuel tanker trailer truck at night

Before driving at night in summer, all the lights and mirrors should be checked to ensure that the lights are normal and the mirror is clean.High beams are used for driving at night when the speed exceeds 30km/h.The speed is within 30km/h, and the near-light can be used.Night meeting should be in the distance with the other side of the vehicle change far, near light to observe the situation ahead.When 150 meters away from the other side of the vehicle, timely switch to a near-light.Don't look into the bright light of an oncoming car.

When passing through urban areas, towns or bridges, you should slow down and pay attention to people walking on both sides of the road or bridge. Be ready for emergencies at any time.

II. What should fuel tanker trailer pay attention to in summer?

Summer is hot and rainy, the ground temperature is high, the oil tank truck should pay attention to the maintenance and regular inspection of the vehicle. On the one hand, is for safe driving, on the other hand, the appropriate maintenance can extend the service time of the tank trailer.

So what should we pay attention to in summer?

1. To prevent a flat tire

Summer road surface temperature is often above 70℃, such as tanker tires in high temperature road driving for a long time, the pressure in the tire increases, at this time if the tire is damaged or weak, it is easy to explode. Therefore, care should be taken to maintain the specified tire pressure in summer. High temperature and hot, especially in the midday, should be appropriate to reduce the speed of the truck. The tank truck should be equipped with effective fire extinguishing equipment.

2. Try to avoid driving for a long time

Under the condition of high temperature and hot summer, you should try to avoid driving for a long time. We should pay attention to taking a rest when the fuel tanker trailer is running. When parking, try to choose a cool and ventilated place. If the thermometer pointer has pointed to the near high temperature area, then it is necessary to stop the truck, the engine of the tank truck will be turned off "fever". If you use water to cool the radiator, be careful not to wet the wiring.

fuel tanker truck

fuel tanker trailer

The driver had better develop a good habit of regularly cleaning the radiator piece, which can improve the heat dissipation effect of the tanker engine, but also reduce the overheating phenomenon of the tanker engine. When maintenance is carried out, attention should be paid to the fan belt can not stick oil to prevent skidding.

3. Replace the wiper, to ensure the best line of sight in rainy days

The rubber leaf on the wiper will age with time,then affecting the wiping effect. To get the clearest driving view on rainy days, it's best to replace the wipers every two years.

4. The fuel tank cover must be tightened

At high temperatures, the evaporation of oil and water naturally increases. The oil tank cover should be tightly covered and the oil pipe should be prevented from leaking oil. Frequently check the water level of the water tank, the oil level and height of the crankcase, the brake fluid level height in the brake main pump and the electrolyte density and the liquid level height in the battery. When the working oil is insufficient, it should be supplemented in time according to the provisions.

5. Prevent fire

Due to the hot weather in summer, inflammable and explosive items must not be carried on the tanker trailer. If such items must be carried, ensure that they are not placed in the cab where they can be exposed to sunlight. Don't smoke in the truck in case of fire.

6. Prevent damage to truck paint

Although it seems to have no life, but really also afraid of basking in, long-term exposure will become old, wrinkled. Ordinary hairdressing waxing, although some effect, but because any vehicle wax contains silicon composition, long after ultraviolet radiation will rust truck paint, leaving little black spots. And the truck wax itself can not enhance the hardness, anti-ultraviolet effect, instead runs off quickly because of excessive heat, therefore,the fuel tank trailer should be parked in the shade.

III. The Importance of Installing Emergency Shut-off Valve for Fuel Tanker Truck

Emergency cut-off valve of fuel tank truck is a kind of valve of the actuator in the automation system, which is composed of multi-spring pneumatic film actuator or floating piston actuator and regulating valve. It receives the signal of regulating instrument and controls the cutting, connecting or switching of the fluid in the process pipeline.Emergency cut-off valve of fuel tank truck is combined with the advantages of globe valve, check valve and pneumatic valve. It has the characteristics of simple structure, sensitive response and reliable action. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial production departments. The air source of the pneumatic cut-off valve requires the filtered compressed air, and the medium flowing through the valve body should be gas without impurities and particles.

oil tank trailer

oil tank trailer

Fuel tanker trailer emergency cut-off valve has good technical performance, low load loss and high reliability, on the way for carriers and gas pipe installation, can use arrows or open-close air control valve, so that happens a lot on a pipe or tank leaking,even fire, fast manual air pressure relief, or high temperature of 75 or more fusible alloy melt, and cylinder pressure relief automatically, quickly close the valve and stop leakage, personal safety protection.

According to the emergency cut-off device, it generally includes emergency cut-off valve and fusible plug automatic cut-off device, which requires flexible action, reliable performance and easy maintenance. The buried safety valve should be set on the tank body so as not to be damaged when it is hit by the outside world. According to the situation, overflow valve can be installed on the tank body.

IV. What are the ways of oil leakage treatment and prevention of trailers?

If you do not pay attention to maintenance,trailers will appear a lot of headache problems, such as oil leakage.

The following teach you the trailer oil leakage treatment and prevention.

Due to oil leakage, the reduction of internal lubricating oil in the machine, resulting in poor lubrication and insufficient cooling of the machine parts, will cause early damage of the machine parts, and even leave hidden accidents.

1. The main causes of common vehicle oil leakage

(1) Product (accessories) quality, material or workmanship is not good. There are problems with the structural design.

(2) Improper assembly speed, unclean surface, damaged gasket, displacement or not installed in accordance with the operating procedures and specifications.

(3) Uneven tightening force of fastening nut, break of slip wire or loose fall off lead to work failure.

(4) Sealing materials after long-term use wear limit, aging deterioration, deformation and failure.

(5) Add too much lubricating oil, oil level is too high or add the wrong oil.

(6) Parts (side cover type, thin-walled parts) joint surface deflection deformation, shell damage, so that lubricating oil leakage.

(7) Vent plug, check valve blocked, due to the effect of the difference in pressure inside and outside the shell, often cause leakage of oil at the weak seal.

oil tanker

oil tanker

2. Measures to prevent vehicle oil leakage

(1) Pay attention to the role of liner. The gasket between the parts of the automobile stationary parts (such as the joint end face, the end cover, the shell, the cover pad, the plane enamel cover plate, etc.) plays a leak-proof sealing role. If the material, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, it will not play a sealing leakproof role, and even accidents. Such as oil pan or valve cover, because the contact area is large and not easy to compaction, resulting in oil leakage.

(2) All kinds of fastening nuts on the trailer should be tightened according to the specified torque. Too loose and loose gasket will leak. Too tight will make the metal around the screw hole bulge or screw the thread slip and cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan is not tightened or loosened off, it is easy to cause the loss of oil, and then the machine damage accident of "burning the tile and holding the shaft".

(3) Replace the failed oil seal in time. Many moving parts (such as oil seal and O-ring) on the tank trailer will throw oil due to improper installation, different center between shaft journal and oil seal edge, and deflection. Some oil seals used too long will lose elasticity due to aging rubber. The leakage should be updated in time.

tanker trailer

tanker trailer

(4) Avoid blocking of check valve and vent valve. As a result, the temperature in the shell rises, the oil and gas fill the whole space and cannot be discharged, so that the pressure in the shell increases the consumption of lubricating oil and the replacement cycle is shortened. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the movement resistance of the piston is increased, and the fuel consumption is increased. As a result of the difference in pressure inside and outside the case, it is often caused by leakage of oil at the weak seal. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection, dredging and cleaning of the trailer.

(5) Properly solve all kinds of tubing joint sealing. Vehicle union nut is often disassembled, easy to slip wire broken and loose, will cause oil seepage. Replace the union nut, solve the conical sealing with grinding method, and solve the sealing by pressing the nut tightly.

(6) Avoid wheel hub oil rejection. Hub bearing and cavity lubrication grease is too much, or the improper assembly of the oil seal, poor quality and aging failure. High hub temperature caused by frequent braking. Axle nut loose will cause hub oil rejection. Therefore, it is necessary to use the "cavity lubrication method (that is, proper lubrication)" to dredge the vent hole.

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