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40 CBM Fuel Tanker Trailer

SUNSKY trailer is focus on semi trailers,tank trailers,flatbed trailers,dump trailers with 30 years experience.2,3,4 axles with different capacity and deadweight.Customizable.


The 40 cbm fuel tanker trailer is between 20000 liters and 50000 liters, and the capacity of the tanker can be customized. Compartment’s number range 1 to 8 to hold different kinds of liquid. The liquid can be fuel, petrol, water, palm oil, bitumen asphalt, etc.



fuel tank trailer manufacturer fuel tanker trailer truck



Tare Weight: 8,500 Kg

Dimension(L * W * H):10,500 x 2,490 x 3,696 mm


Shape: Square

Medium: Petrochemical liquid

Chamber Nos: 4 chambers

Valid Volume: 40000L to 50000L

Body Steel Material: Q345B / 5mm

End Plates: Q345B / 6mm, by punching

Resistant Wave Plates: Q345B / 5mm

Partition Chamber Plates: Q345B / 6mm


Manhole: 4 sets YOJE aluminium alloy ø500mm(20”) manhole with aluminium alloy cover; with 4units breather valve; with 4units U-dipstick;

without any Chinese

Discharge Valve: 4 sets YOJE DN80 aluminum alloy discharge valve with cover

Foot Valve: 4 sets pneumatic control YOJE DN80 aluminum alloy foot valves

Pneumatic Control system: 1set Pneumatic Control combined switch

1unit emergency switch

Oil-water Separator: 1unit

Pipeline At Bottom of Tank: 3” steel tube/Q235 for each chamber


Ladder: 1 unit at the rear of tank, flat steps, folding and detachable type

Walkway Platform: On the top of tanker; bolted, detachable type; with anti-slip painting and quartz sand

Guard on Top of Tank: 2 sets aide guard, one of them is linked type

Discharge Hose Box: 2 units, each side 1 unit, steel, cylinder tube with covers on both ends; with guide wheel

Discharge Hose: 2 units 3”×6M factory PVC hose with quick coupling on both ends

Fire Extinguisher Carrier: 2 units at the left of rear of tanker, include 2 units 10kg dry powder type fire extinguisher inside

Oil Indicator: 4 units

Tire Stopper: 2 units with its holder


Main Beams: Heavy duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel, welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.

Welded “I” beam;

Axle: 3 units of heavy duty original BPW-16T axle

Landing Gear: Two speed manual operation JOST 19” linked landing gear

King Pin: One unit 3.5” bolt-in kingpin(14mm kingpin plate)

Suspension: German design 3 axle suspension

Wheel Rim & Tires: 13 units 9.00*22.5 rims & 13 units 315/80R22.5 tires,

including 1 unit spare tire&rim

Electrical Wire: Semi heat insulation cable; One unit JAEGER POWAY 24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket; One set 7-pin wire;

LED lights system(10units side lights; 2units stop lights; 1unit reverse lights; 2units turn lights; 1unit fog light; 1unit license plate light; 2units multifunctional lights; 1unit rear&high stop light)

Built-in rear lamp with protector.

Pneumatic Braking System: One unit WABCO RE 4 relay valve; four units T30/30 spring brake chamber; two units T30 spring brake chamber; two units reliable local brand 45L air tank; two units reliable local brand standard coppery air-connector.

Spare tire carrier: 1 unit, box-type for 2 tires

Bumper: 1set, at the end of tanker

Mudguard : Plastic type

Nameplate: As client’s option

Warning Plate: Reflective sticker yellow, wide 5CM, on both side of the tanker;

Square reflective sticker 5CM, red color, at rear of tanker;

2units triangle reflective; 70km/h speed sign;

NO.3 flammable liquid danger warning sign

Fuel Box: 2units, 500L/unit, with lock

Tool Box: 1 unit tool box in the middle of tanker; bolted type, double nuts; with tire casing, handle and reinforcing bar in it

Accessories: With 1unit Pickaxe; 1unit Plastic Hammer; 2unit small Mop;

1unit First-aid kit; 3units conical roadblock; 1unit small shovel;

2units triangle warning board; 1unit 10L Aluminum barrel

Shell finish - exterior: Sand blasting before painting; two coats of primer, anti-corrosion; two coat of finish painting;



1. Safety guarantee: The safety device of the oil tanker is equipped with manholes with large explosion-proof cover, and the bottom outlet of the storage tank is equipped with emergency cut-off valve. In case of danger, the transporter can cut off the valve at the first time. The tank is welded automatically by advanced large special welding machine

2. Exquisite workmanship: The tanker body is longitudinally welded, and the wave plate can reduce the pressure of liquid on the tanker, thus ensuring the tanker's safety and extending its service life.

3. Product test: The water tank will be test filled with water before leaving the factory to ensure the tank is highly sealed and avoid oil leakage.

4. Beautiful appearance: advanced coating system and polyurethane coating to protect the tank, the use time can reach more than 5 years.

5. Rich experience: More than 30 years of experience in trailer and truck industry, exported to more than 30 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

6. Quality assurance: Chassis frame has two years free warranty, axle, suspension, etc. 3-6 months free warranty. Spare parts support service.

7. Accept customized: Able to customize the design according to your requirements, ensuring compliance with your local road rules.


If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.

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