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3 Lines 6 Axle Rotary Wind Blade Trailer

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3 line 6 axles wind tower adaptor trailer, used for wind power station project, is to cooperate with the use of windmill blade transport trailer. Up to 80 meters of wind turbine blades can be transported.

How does wind blade transporter trailer cooperate with rotary wind blade adaptor trailer?

After the wind blades are produced from the factory, the wind blade transporter trailer is responsible for transporting the wind blades to the foot of the mountain. Because the mountain road is narrow and rugged, the road conditions are relatively difficult, so it is necessary to use the rotary wind blade adaptor trailer to transport the wind blades from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

The rotary wind blade adaptor trailer allows the blades to move in different directions, up, down, left and right, avoiding obstacles in narrow, mountainous or wooded areas, allowing them to be safely and efficiently transported.

In the process of transportation, the hydraulic control can make the wind blade rotate 360 degrees. The wind blade can rotate 360 degrees through the lower slewing bearing and the annular slide. The wind blade can expand and expand through the oil cylinder to make the maximum angle of the wind blade 60 degrees (from the front of the wind blade tip landing).

When the wind is strong, the blade can rotate 360 degrees to avoid the wind. The center of gravity is determined at the time of design, and the balance is balanced through the counterweight. In addition, the slide ensures safety, and the downturntable ensures torque.

The wind blade tower adaptor trailer mainly consists of wind blades, nacelle, hub and tower, each component is an overrun item of ordinary road transport equipment, requiring a professional wind turbine blade transport trailer to transport and assemble the wind turbine. So it is the best choice for wind turbine shipping companies.


wind turbine blade trailer drawingwind turbine blade trailer drawing

wind tower adaptor trailer

wind tower adaptor trailer

Wind Blade Adapter

Wind Blade Adapter

Windmill Blade Rotor Trailer

Windmill Blade Rotor Trailer



Type: 510 ton*meter rotary wind blade trailer

Dead weight: 70,000kg

Trailer part

Overall size: 16750*1116*3400mm(Outside distance of tire 3400-4400mm)

Fifth wheel height: 1350±100mm

Payload: 100,000kg

Chassis: Heavy duty and extra durability designed ; opting for high tensile steel, welded by automatic submerged-Arc process. Middle flange height 900mm.Clearance 350mm.

Wheel base: 11600+1320+1320mm

Landing gear: Hydraulic landing gear

King pin: 3.5’’ bolt-in king pin.

Painting: Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust. I coat of anticorrosive prime,2 coats of final paint.

Vehicular applications: Wind blade transport

Suspension: rigid suspension

Leaf spring: None

Axle: 3 lines 6 axles, 100T

Brake system: Double line brake system;

Brake chamber: 6 chambers

Tire & rim: 10.00R20 24 units, Giti tires; Zhengxing rim

Wind blade adapter

Overall size: 10420*3400*3865mm

Elevation : 0-36°, double lifting cylinder

Rotation: 360° rotary angle, Hydraulic 4WD full rotation

Pitch mode: 360 ° rotary angle, Hydraulic 2WD(4WD optional) full rotation

Extension: 0-4000mm, double pulling cylinder

Weighing: 4-points gravity surveying

Electrical system

Voltage /lamp: 24V with LED light

Receptacle: 7way socket SAE standard

Wiring: Electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame.

Hydraulic system

Power unit: four cylinder diesel engine, 46kw

Cylinder: 20 cylinders


Mud guard: yes

Accessories: yes


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