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3 Axles Cement Tanker Trailer

SUNSKY trailer is focus on semi trailers,tank trailers,flatbed trailers,dump trailers with 30 years experience.2,3,4 axles with different capacity and deadweight.Customizable.


3 axle trailer capacity is from 30 to 60cbm,can carry large amount of bulk cement, fly ash, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash.etc.Bulk cement tank trailer adopts no guide plate structure design, which can make the body light, thus reducing residue. The tank is made of high strength wear-resistant steel.Adopt advanced welding technology and experienced welder to weld the manger, can weld the tank from one side, but can form smooth, strong, uniform weld on both sides to ensure no leakage. The piping system is equipped with reasonable auxiliary blower and anti-wear device to make the unloading process smoother and faster.




bulk cement trailer car cement tanker trailer cement tanker trailer truck

3 axles cement tanker trailer

aluminum cement tanker trailer

aluminum cement tanker trailer



Dimension(L*W*H): 11500 *2500*3700 (mm)

Max. Payload: 60000 kgs

Volume: 30CBM To 60CBM

Tare weight: 6500 (kgs)

Kingpin: JOST 3.5” bolt-in

Landing gear: JOST 19”

Tire size: 12R22.5 (13sets) / 385/65R22.5 (7sets)

Rim size: 9.00*22.5 (13sets)/ 11.75*22.5 (7sets)

Axle: Fuwa / BPW brand ,3 axles,13 tons

Suspension: Airbag suspension 

Brake system: Dual line with WABCO brand Re-6 emergency relay valve, MBA brand T30/30 air chamber, 46L air tank

Electric system: One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable

Diesel Engine: Shandong WeiChai 4100(40KW)(2000r/min)

Air compression: SuZhou WBF-10/2 (10M3/min) (0.2MPA)

Painting: Zinc-rich & Polyurethane painting



As we all know, aluminum alloy material has the advantage of light weight. The minimum weight of aluminium alloy tank truck is 4.88 tons, which can be reduced by 1.2-1.6 tons compared with that of carbon steel tank.

The surface of aluminum tanker is smoother than that of carbon steel tanker, so the internal residual rate of materials is lower. Typical carbon steel tanker usually have about 150 kg of powder left after unloading, while aluminum tanker only have about 80 kg left. This is equivalent to an additional 70 kg or so of self-weight.

Because of this,  aluminum tanker trailer truck can carry more than 1 ton of goods compared to carbon steel tanker trailer truck,it can save a lot of money in the freight, so in recent years the market of aluminum tanker truck is expanding.

Because the aluminum alloy is not easy to rust corrosion,and the appearance is more beautiful, so the aluminum tanker does not need to be like the carbon steel tanker in the painting. Nowadays environmental protection policy is more and more strict, the production of aluminum alloy tank is with a less yoke . Moreover, aluminum alloy material has high recyclable value, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary carbon steel material.



Because the aluminum alloy has a bright surface and easy to reflect light, so the rear of the tank will generally do anti glare treatment. There are generally two ways to deal with it, one is a simple painting, the other is to polish the anti-glare process.

Combined with the above advantages, we have both aluminum tank cars and carbon steel cars, in order to meet the needs of the market and different customers, our technology and process are very professional and modern, according to the trend and demand in the production line, committed to meet all the requirements.



1. Strong infrastructure: The use of a world-renowned diesel engine can help the air compressor to work better, and the exhaust speed can reach 1.6 tons per minute. Use the most durable oil tankers and use them without any pressure where the road conditions are not good.

2. Excellent technology: advanced machine welding joints are adopted to ensure high quality and long service life of welding seams.

3. Quality assurance: After production, all cement tanker trailers will pass pressure tests and metal inspection tests to ensure that our cement tank trailers have good sealing performance.Type I beam two years free warranty, axle, suspension, etc. 3-6 months free warranty. Spare parts support service.

4. Safe storage: There are multiple airbags in the storage tank (ranging from 6 to 8 to 10).

5. Good appearance: The tank of bulk cement tanker trailer is made of high-strength wear-resisting steel, and the appearance of the tank is beautiful.

6. Rich experience: More than 30 years of experience in trailer and truck industry, exported to more than 30 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

7. Accept customized: Able to customize the design according to your requirements, ensuring compliance with your local road rules.


If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.

Xiamen Sunsky Vehicle Co.,Ltd has mature technology, rich experience, strong business capacity, broad market development, one year of free after-sales service.We specialize in exporting semi trailers more than 30 years.