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3 Axle 40FT Flatbed Trailer

SUNSKY trailer is focus on semi trailers,tank trailers,flatbed trailers,dump trailers with 30 years experience.2,3,4 axles with different capacity and deadweight.Customizable.


Flatbed trailer is suitable for carrying different kind of dry loads: container and bulk cargo like coal,stone,steel,wood etc. The trailer is a flat platform, the flatbed trailer is with no roof or walls on the sides, it is an exposed platform on which containers of different sizes are fastened with container locks,and at the four corners of the bottom of the container,there are torsional locking device for hold container in place.Hook and rope wrench are available.

A Tanzania customer have ordered 2 units of this 3 axle flatbed trailers.SUNSKY Vehicle had exported more than 200 units flatbed trailers to Tanzania already, The design and specification of Sunsky flatbed semi-trailers had been well meet to the regulation in Tanzania market, and suitable in Tanzania road. So just feel free to buy flatbed trailers from us.


Dimension(L*W*H): 12420*2480*1570mm

Main frame: Heavy duty and extra durability design; Opting for high tensible low carbon alloy Q345B steel; I beam welded by automotive arc-submerge process

Model: SS9500FTAX

No. of axle: 3

Payload(kgs): 50000

Tare weight(kgs): 7200

Kingpin: JOST brand bolt-in/welded type 3.5"

Landing gear: JOST brand two-speed manual operation 19”

Tire size: 315/80R22.5

Rim size: 9.00*22.5 (13 sets)

Axle: Fuwa Brand 3 Axles,13 tons(optional)

Suspension: Fuwa suspension or spring suspension

Brake system: Dual line with WABCO brand Re-6 emergency relay valve, MBA brand T30/30 air chamber, 46L air tank

Electric system: One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO standard socket; with brake light, turn light, reverse light, side light, reflector, fog light; one set of 6-pin standard cable

Container locks: 12(for 1x20GP,2X20GP,1X40HQ)

Painting: S.A.2.5 standard sandblasting; Two coat of anti-corrosion prime; one coat of finish painting

Accessory: One tool box; one set of standard tool


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1. Excellent welding technology: The trailer adopts automatic submerged arc welding method to weld the main beam,the main parts of the trailer are processed with advanced equipment. The longitudinal beam is completed by automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine. All components are shot peening to improve paint adhesion and are painted prior to assembly,making the main beam stronger and more durable.

2. Stable freight: In order to ensure the optimal structure for cargo handling and larger loads, the chassis is made of space frame structure made of high-strength steel, 16Mn steel welded longitudinal beam and integrated beam.The board surface is a checkerboard, which can effectively fix the goods and prevent the goods from sliding. High quality container locks ensure the stability and safety of cargo.

3. Advanced hardware: the spring suspension is widened by multiple layers, which is stable and durable, and the extra layer ensures stability and safety.High performance domestic and imported axles are selected, and ABS system is optional to greatly improve driving safety

4. Excellent appearance: The body is made of polyurethane coating, which can effectively protect the body from rust, and make the body more beautiful.The new suspension with high strength and impact resistance adopts the patented connecting rod design. It can guarantee better performance under uneven road conditionsprolong the service life of the vehicle.

5. Rich experience: more than 30 years of experience in trailer and truck industry, exported to more than 30 countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

6. Quality assurance: Type I beam two years free warranty, axle, suspension, etc. 3-6 months free warranty. Spare parts support service.

7. Accept customized: Able to customize the design according to your requirements, ensuring compliance with your local road rules.


If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.

Xiamen Sunsky Vehicle Co.,Ltd has mature technology, rich experience, strong business capacity, broad market development, one year of free after-sales service.We specialize in exporting semi trailers more than 30 years.